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Howard Tanner AVID Program

 What is AVID?
  • A schoolwide college readiness system
  • A structured approach to rigorous curriculum
  • Professional learning for educators
  • Direct support structure for first-generation college students
How does AVID Work?
  • Accelerates under-achieving students who have potential into more rigorous courses
  • Develops a sense of hope and personal achievement gained through hard work and determination
  • Provides intensive academic support with in-class college tutors twice per week at a 7 to 1 ratio
How will AVID help our students?
  • Develop critical readers and writers
  • Develop deep content knowledge and critical thinking
  • Develop habits, skills, and behaviors to use knowledge and abilities
  • Improves student self-confidence
  • Develop college and career awareness




Keep going, TIGERS!

Keep your eye on the prize!

Choosing a college or university is the first step.

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